VAT Trainings

VAT Trainings
VAT Training in UAE

Businesses with revenues of over 3,75,000AED must be registered and be ready for VAT implementation from  January 1st 2018.A critical success factor for the VAT implementation will be enhancing yourself and your workforce with the right knowledge and skill-set in the coming months.

With this in mind, IRCOCA, has designed a suite of fit-for-purpose VAT courses that cover the fundamentals of the new VAT framework, it’s impact on business and the technical and financial Knowledge required to manage this change. 

We offer VAT courses in UAE and these can be customized for in-house training across the GCC.


  • Upon the successful completion of this course the participants should be able to:
  • Understand the concept of VAT and its impact on the economy
  • Understand the impact of VAT on the operational and the financial performance of the business
  • Differentiate various types of supplies with reference to VAT
  • Differentiate Input VAT and Output VAT
  • Categorize the supplies for VAT calculation
  • Understand the impact of VAT on the Imports and Exports to the member countries (gulf region) and non-member countries (rest of the world)
  • Prepare the invoices including VAT
  • Understand the VAT registration process and prepare required documents for VAT registration
  • Understand VAT administration, fines and penalties related to VAT filing
  • Identify common errors in VAT calculation

Value Added Tax (VAT)

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