Offshore Company Formation U.A.E

We establish, manage and administer offshore companies, trusts and foundations in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E (United Arab Emirates). Our top priority is to meet our client’s objectives of corporate re-structuring, wealth protection, tax reduction, cross border investment and foreign market entry.

Advantages of U.A.E offshore company registration:

  • The offshore company in U.A.E is exempted from all corporate and income taxes.

  • No foreign currency restrictions for offshore companies.

  • Full repatriation of the offshore companies profits and capital is allowed.

  • Offshore company setup costs are less that of an onshore company.

  • For offshore registration there is no onshore office and accordingly, there are no employees and related costs.

  • Only minimum capital is required to set-up an offshore company.

  • The offshore company can own interest in real estate (as approved by the relevant authority where the offshore company is registered) in the U.A.E and can act as a Holding Company.

Requirements to setup offshore company in U.A.E :

A registered agent with registered office approved by the appropriate authority is required to setup offshore company under RAK Offshore and JAFZA Offshore. Offshore company notices and correspondence will be addressed to the same office.




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